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Tattoo Contest Rules

  1. Contest entry fee of P400 is required for each of the categories except "Best of Day" and "Best of Show". No refunds to contestants that fail to continue with in the contest.

  2. First , Second and Third place trophies will be awarded to all categories except "Best of Day" and "Best of Show". "Best of Show" will take home a unique trophy and prize money.
  3. "Best of Show" must be done at the show (could had been done on any of the 3 days of the show) and be finish by the final call on Sunday at ?.
  4. "Best of Day Tattoo" will be done at the show on the day of the judging. If a tattoo is finished after final call it can be entered in the next days event. Final call on Friday and Saturday will be ?
  5. All categories except "Best of Day" and "Best of Show" are open to walk-in models. So that means if you want to show off your work that you got at a previous date you are welcome to enter the competition.
  6. Tattoos must either be freshly done or completely healed, please do not enter your tattoo if it scabbing or peeling.
  7. You can enter your tattoos in multiple categories as long as your tattoo meets the criteria for that category. For example if your tattoo is a large black and grey and was done at the show it can be entered in "Best Large Black and Grey", "Best of Day", "Best of Show" and if it happens to be a Koi fish design it can also be entered in "Best Asian".
  8. Small Tattoo Categories apply to tattoos no larger then a 8x10 sheet of paper.
  9. Large Tattoo Categories apply to any tattoo that can not be covered by an 8x10 sheet of paper.

  10. Large Tattoo must be a single piece and not a collection of small tattoos. This can fall to the discretion of our judges.
  11. A sleeve must be a half or full arm sleeve or a half or full leg sleeve and it must be complete.
  12. A back piece is a large collection of tattoos or one single piece which covers the entire back and it must be complete.
  13. All black and grey tattoos must be only black, grey and white.
  14. To enter the "Best Cover-Up" category a photo of the original piece to be covered must be present, photo taken before any stencil or artwork is applied.
  15. You must be present 15 minutes before your category is judged.
  16. Please have all fresh tattoos wiped down and cleaned before presenting it to the judges.
  17. Judging will be done by a panel of judges selected by Party in Paradise. We will select random artists and guests attending the show.
  18. No judges can have a tattoo or tattoos from his shop, in the contest he is judging.
  19. Trophies will be awarded to the Artist that applied the Tattoo. If the Artist is not present it will be given to the model wearing the art.
  20. Party in Paradise reserves the right to reject any tattoo from judging if they feel that it is offensive or racists.
  21. Party in Paradise reserves the right to have the ultimate decision if a tattoo meets the criteria for the category it is being submitted to.
  22. No complete disrobing during competition.

Best Luck to Everyone , hope you will enjoy the show.

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